Choosing A Network Provider

You have worked on your network design for weeks with your team.  You’ve discussed applications, Direction Choicessecurity, internal and external traffic, bandwidth requirements….. Now you need to choose which carrier is best to trust your network to.  Whether it’s a national multi site network or a network in a more defined regional footprint.  The concerns are real and any impact to the network the business will need to respond.

Your first thought is probably to engage each of he Tier 1 carriers, AT&T, Verizon, Century Link…  You may then reach out to a few of the regional or cable carriers, Time Warner, Comcast, Cox Cable…  Meeting with each team will require way too much time over many weeks.  Various quotes and suggestions on changes to your design will surely manifest themselves. Depending on the complexity of your network you will need to commit to 3-6 months of meetings before you can even begin to place orders and have your new solution implemented.  You will also need to sit through the various sales pitches from each carrier.  Unfortunately the Sales Team and Engineers directly employed by the carriers  have their focus and experience on that particular carrier.  This results in you having to do much more homework than necessary.

Network Carrier Solutions solves for this in a few unique ways.  NCS works with the Tier 1 and regional carriers you would meet with separately .  Our Engineers and Account Teams have experience across multiple applications and multiple carriers.  You meet with one highly qualified team with a true solution, not a sales pitch.  Our approach is to act as a true advocate to each client.  This commitment makes it necessary for NCS to stay on top of all technology behind the solutions you want to employ and understand their products and pricing models.

Our approach to each project will vary based on your requirements.  We have the ability to provide multiple quotes on a project from multiple vendors.  NCS also has the ability to provide a single quote across multiple vendors and manage the overall solution for you.  This enables us to provide a rock solid solution with true redundancy and business continuity employed. Review the various solutions that NCS Supports and get in contact with us. Our consultation services are no cost to you.

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