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Technology Networking Connection Global Communication ConceptEvery business regardless of size requires technological solutions that are not only rock solid, but creative in design in order to meet the requirements of your needs as well your budget.  Single vendor solutions leave you blind to your options and value of the solution within the overall market.  So how do you review and analyze any of the services below through multiple carriers or vendors without attending weeks and weeks of meetings?  Let Network Carrier Solutions do the work for you.  NCS has access to the technology and offers of the Tier 1 carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Century Link and over 60 of the regional carriers across the country.  We understand the technology, value, and offer of the various services below and the carrier offering them.

  1. Network/Technology Consulting
  2. MPLS Networks
  3. Ethernet Access
  4. VOIP/Flex Solutions
  5. Cloud and Hosting
  6. Mobility
  7. Mobile Device Management
  8. LD Voice and Local Voice
  9. Collaboration
    1. Web, Video, Voice Conferencing
    2. Share Point
    3. Cloud
  10. Bill Audit
  11. Network Management
  12. MS 365
  13. Network Integration
  14. Interim/Virtual CIO
  15. Inside Wiring
  16. Network Security
  17. Premise Security
  18. Virtual Desktop Services
  19. Managed Server
  20. Remote Backup
  21. Helpdesk/PC Support – 24 x 7 x 365
    1. PC Services & Application repairs
    2. Monitor hard disks – space utilization
    3. Software updates/Patch management
    4. End-user PC & Application support
    5. OS level system integrity monitoring
    6. Anti-virus monitoring & solution
    7.  Monior workstation event log
  22. Replication
  23. Hosted Exchange
  24. Microsoft Consulting
  25. Virtualization
  26. Disaster Recovery

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